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Top 5 - Wine Themed

{New Blog Post} Top 5 - Wine Themed

Happy Friday! Have a great one.  Do something fun.  Drink some wine!

Here’s this week’s Top 5.

1. Belle Bash.  My dear friends Emily and Melody just started their own business called Belle Bash.  Their product is called Wine Belles Uncorked and it’s all about discovering what kinds of wine you enjoy drinking while forming lasting friendships. It’s about discovering flavors with friends. It’s…

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#mycaliforniaroadtrip: Santa Barbara to Monterey

{New Blog Post} #mycaliforniaroadtrip: Santa Barbara to Monterey

Big Sur

Day 4

Day 4 was a big driving day.  You can see our starting and ending point on the map.  A lot of great things were found along the way!


We started day 4 in the best possible way – driving through Santa Barbara Wine County! Breathtaking views overlook valleys and mountains studded with ancient oaks, brilliant flowers and magnificent vineyards.  Driving leisurely through the country allows one…

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Lighter Lasagna

{New Blog Post} Lighter Lasagna

Jenese's Lasagna

While we were in Fullerton on vacation, Jenese made a great Lasagna dish.

Lighter Lasagna

This is a great italian dish with lots of flavor.  It’s also super easy!  I also love this recipe because it’s a little lighter than other recipes I’ve seen.

Jenese's Lasagna

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 lb. ground sausage
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 jar of Trader Joe’s Garlic Marinera Sauce (or your favorite)
  • Barilla oven ready…

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#mycaliforniaroadtrip: LA to Santa Barbara

Day 3 

We started Day three by walking around the The Grove and LA Farmer’s Market.  The LA Farmer’s Market started in 1934 and has been a star for the last 80 years.  The market includes over 100 restaurants, shops and grocers.

LA Farmers Market

Some say it’s still the best grocery store in LA, with a remarkable selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry and fish, baked goods and nuts.


T&Y Bakery


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#mycaliforniaroadtrip - San Diego - Orange County

Surf Up

We made it.

8 amazing days of road trip fun.

First – if you ever want to take a road trip, I highly recommend a trip up the California coast.  Our trip was full of breathtaking views (x100), outdoor activities and AMAZING food.  (I swear I had some of the best foods on this trip… best pork tacos… best pulled pork sandwich… best ice cream waffle cone…) I’m glad we got so much walking in along the…

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California Road Trip

Highway 101

Tim and I are headed to California tomorrow.  We are checking off a big item on our bucket list.  We’re driving up the coast, starting in San Diego and up the iconic highway 1 all the way to Lake Tahoe.

Pacific Coast Highway

(Pacific Coast Highway – Photo Credit) 

California is already one of my favorite places.  I can’t wait to discover new things along the way.  Here are a couple of things I hope to check off the…

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Off to Kappa Convention…

Off to Kappa Convention…



I’m off to Kappa convention in Austin, TX.  It should be a great couple of days.  I can’t wait to make new friends, learn new things and experience what it means to be a lifelong Kappa.

My sorority sisters mean the world to me.  Little did I know when I pledged over 10 years ago what I would have in store.  So many of my college memories consist of the bonds I made through Kappa and they have…

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